November 29, 2006

Review: Casino Royale


Rating Scale: Excellent - Very Good - Good - Average - Poor

Actor: Daniel Craig - Excellent
Actress (Bond Girl): Eva Green - Very Good
Supporting Actor (the Big Bad): Mads Mikkelsen - Good
Supporting Actress (M): Dame Judi Dench - Excellent

Main Elements (for Action Flick)
Action - Very Good
Suspense - Excellent
Romance - Very Good (I almost gave it a "Good" but to tell you why would ruin a particular part of the movie for you.)

Extra Credit
Main Characters' Smart Ass Remarks
Additional "Edge of Seat" Action Moments
Twist at the end
Vehicle: Aston Martin. Makes you want one.

Overt description of poker. Needed, but breaks up the flow of the movie
Ew factor from blood/eye. You'll see what I mean.

Worth: Full price Theater
Purchase DVD? Yes. The moment it comes out

BLB & GPB at the first appearance of the Aston Martin: "ooohhhhhh."
LSG's Tennis Partner: "You know, I didn't think he was that good looking at the beginning of the movie. But by the end, I was like, 'Wow. He's really attractive!'"

Additional Comments: The only reason I didn't give this 5/5 is that Batman Begins is (so far) my favorite action movie, and the one by which all others are compared.


Amanda said...

That's a helpful review - it sounds like most of the elements of a good action movie are there and it's not your typical James Bond (which I don't like)!

Anne said...

I've never been a big Bond fan even though I go see the movies with my husband. After Casino Royale, I'm a big Bond fan! And, um, yeah, he's attractive.

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